How To Seduce Women

…by filling up her secret emotional voids.

She’ll submit to you, ignore other men and bless you with the best treatment of your life when you know what she craves underneath her mask.

This NEW step-by-step seduction system with 20 female archetypes and fingerprint-specific seduction styles transforms you into the only man she breaks rules for even if you’re “below average” and have never learned Game.

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My Brother,

If you’ve ever wanted complete control over women who turn you on…

If you want the power to make her laugh, obsess over you and ignore other men… 

If you want to be the only guy who she breaks all her “relationship rules” for…

And you don’t want to lift 5 times a week, or waste time and money on expensive dates and vacations…

Then please be open to this controversial idea:


Take a look yourself:

Now after seeing these articles, consider this important question:

Why aren’t you one of the few men who can get sex, submission and servitude despite lacking the right looks, height, money and status?

And why is it easy for my students to get her sexual best when they don’t have the ideal package of 6 feet, 6 pack and 6 figures?

It’s because you’re boring, brother.

As the popular song back in the day goes…

“Girls just want to have fun…”

While it makes sense to level-up your money, muscles and status to get better results with women…

Today, the biggest problem men face when it comes to attracting her and keeping her at her sexual best is…

You don’t know how to fill her DEEP emotional needs while keeping things exciting, which is why the men who can provide that get submission, servitude and the best sex…

Every. Damn. Time.

What’s sad to see is that…

Most Men Have No Idea How to Create Excitement Because They Were Never Taught! They Believe Looks, Money, Status and “Redpill Knowledge” Is Enough.

Yet how many times have we seen women who “have-it-all” leave their high-status partner to cheat with some bum?

Why do we keep ignoring the fact that most women complain that they’re bored in their sex and relationships?

Is it any wonder that with this lack of emotional stimulation that women are choosing Instagram over having a man?

Today, the men who get everything they want out of women are WAAAAY ahead of you. 

They know a woman's needs better than the women themselves - making the game easy.

That’s why I wanted to give you the opportunity to finally close the gap on all the Chads and Tyrones by showing you…

The Secret To Getting ANY Woman Wrapped Around Your Finger

The secret is hard to find because dating advice on these youtube streets is VERY confusing these days.

You have red pill guys contradicting blue pill guys.

You have marriage minded men throwing shade at seduction experts.

Then there’s the new wave of females who’ve infiltrated men’s spaces and are telling them how to behave.


With so much “advice” out there, it’s easy to see why guys like you don’t get what you want out of women. 

To make matters worse, most dating coaches aren’t diving deep enough. There is no license or governing body that makes you a dating coach so…

While these influencers do show “dating frame”, the consequences of hypergamy, how to be more confident, and how to look better while making more money…

They don’t teach you how to fulfill a woman’s needs for high emotion and excitement so she’s completely wrapped around your finger.


Who knows. Women are slaves to their emotions so you would think they would know this. 

Maybe they don’t know how to do it themselves. Maybe they can’t teach it. 

I don’t know.

What I do know is that in order for guys like you to seduce women at will, you need to accelerate your journey in learning REAL Game.

Specifically you need to dive deeper than you ever have and…

Know How A Woman Thinks And Behaves Beyond Surface Level Dating Advice

You need to know stuff about her upbringing. Her secret voids developed in childhood. Daddy issues. Mommy issues. What she needs in order to never feel alone, abused, or taken advantage of.

You need to know what she secretly craves in her romance so she can be her fully submissive, feminine self. You need to know how to fill her emotional cravings in a way that’s not cheesy or goofy so she sees you as the perfect man.

You need to know what excitement triggers she has. What secretly turns her on. How to give her an emotional roller coaster experience without spending money or even leaving your home. 

You need to discover what she finds most important so you can be the only one on the roster who can give it to her!

Just imagine the advantage you'd have over her when you know EXACTLY how she thinks and behaves beyond what the the average "coach" teaches!

Most men NEVER go this deep. Even your favorite guys on youtube. They don’t think they need to. They “already know it”... Lol.

That’s fine. There’s more for you and me. 

The fact is, if you knew everything I mentioned, you’d be 5 steps ahead of her in every situation, giving her the excitement she craves no matter what stage you’re in for the relationship.

The only remaining problem with this is that every woman is different. 

That’s why you need to discover and study every major archetype of woman so you can…

Easily Create The Emotional Joy Ride She Craves By Using Everyday Words

When you know her archetype, the Game is easy and formulaic.

If she’s a beautiful model who has daddy issues, do this.

If she’s a tomboy who loves surfing and the outdoors, do that.

If she has a void from her childhood, you fill that up for her.

It’s that simple.

You may think creating this emotional joy-ride experience is hard and expensive but…

…it’s easy and doesn’t have to cost you anything at all IF you know what you’re doing.

The hard part is knowing what type of woman she is first, so you can tailor that red carpet experience.

Once you figure out her archetype, and her specific psychology, it’s not hard.

Remember, most women NEVER get to experience this type of excitement in their dating lives.

Guys are absolutely clueless.

So it won’t be strange when…

She’s Giving You The Best Sex Of Your Life, Cooking Like a Michelin Chef, Completely Submitting To Your Leadership As A Man.

This is simply what happens when you know how to seduce women by filling up their secret emotional voids from childhood.

No other man can provide this for her. So you quickly go from being a “nice to have” to being completely indispensable.

I guarantee it’s the master key to conquering women, no matter what level you are right now.

That’s why I’ve never been more excited to release this NEW system I have been quietly working on for a LONG time.

It ignores a lot of the dating “truths” in redpill, bluepill and every other kind of pill. 

The Game in here is much, much deeper.

And because it goes much deeper into female psychology, the Game is much more powerful. In the wrong hands it can be used as a weapon for harming women. 

Let me be very clear: I do not condone that type of behavior AT ALL.

That’s why if you have any intention of harming women, LEAVE THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW.

I ain’t playing. I don’t need to be teaching this Game to busters and boys acting as men. If you have bad intentions, LEAVE.

With that being said…

I’m pleased to announce…

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Seduction Mastery

How To Seduce Women…

by filling up her secret emotional voids

It’s the only step-by-step system with 20 female archetypes and fingerprint-specific seduction styles designed for everyone from virgins to cold-blooded players on how to seduce ANY woman by filling up her emotional voids from childhood. 

When you get this system, it’ll transform you into the emotional excitement she secretly craves…

…so you can get the beautiful, submissive, caring version of her while enjoying the best sex of your life. 

Doesn’t matter if you lack looks, status, money, height, or you’re too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, or from another country that has a poor reputation…

This is the only system you will need to seduce women at will, no matter where you are in the world.

Imagine being able to seduce ANY woman you come across. Even ones “out of your league”.

The hot hostess at the restaurant. The beautiful model down the street. The cute one at work. The one you see at the coffee shop. 

You will be the only man in her contact list that will be able to give her what she secretly craves - filling up her emotional voids from her past.

And as the only person who can fulfill her need for excitement and emotion the way she wants…

You get the best sex, submission and care from her, in exchange for providing something she finds really really special.

She’ll ignore all her other options. She’ll label them as dusty, goofy or simply “too boring”. She’ll be the type of woman who makes you look good in public because she submits and follows.

But be warned…

Don’t be surprised if you begin to get a lot more greedy with women. After all, you’ll be providing her that emotional joy ride that she won’t be able to get from any other man. So it makes sense that you get what you deserve too… right?

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Here’s What’s Included 

The complete Seduction Mastery™ course is broken down into 5 chapters.

  • The Requirements Of Men Made by Women

  • Several Highly Effective Seduction Tactics and Strategies

  • Developing The Seducer's Mentality

  • The 15 Female Archetypes

  • Several Fingerprint-specific Seducer Styles

  • Complete Seduction Mastery.

  • In-depth Breakdown on Modern Love Concepts Such as "The 5 Love Languages"

These seven categories that total 4 hours of content go into Game like…

  • How to seduce ANY woman in ANY place even if she’s surrounded by good looking men with more looks, status and money than you.

  • The number 1 reason why men never get the best out of women and how to nip it in the bud before it ruins your sex, dating and relationships.

  • The only way to make her ignore other men without her feeling bad about it.

  • 5 “normal” things you’re doing right now that make her pull away from you and sleep with her other options.

  • How to reignite relationship and bedroom excitement by learning the laws of “Surprise Tension”.

  • The easiest way to get her to remove her socially acceptable mask so she becomes a complete animal in bed.

  • How to seduce women to give you favors - this method works even in a work environment where there’s no sexual tension.

  • The step-by-step method to go from sex to submission to complete servitude without sacrificing who you are, or overspending on her.

  • How to completely avoid her crazy, erratic, toxic behavior by creating a frame of emotional comfort.

  • Don’t spend money! How to create emotional excitement in her by using everyday words you learned in 6th grade.

And much more…

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But that’s not all.

You also get 2 months of The Players Club because I do not want you to be the guy who learns the material, but then applies it in the wrong way. 

Most likely you will have questions about your specific situation. That’s why I think it’s irresponsible for me not to give you the opportunity to clear up any confusion.

The Players Club is also a complete cheat code because you’ll be able to bring your texts, calls and problems to me and we’ll fix your crap TOGETHER.

There’s more.

You also get complimentary game from other big names.

You get hours of underground knowledge from Highly Powerful Webinars like: 

Sexual Seduction and Bedroom Escalation AND…

The Art of Taking A Woman’s Soul.

But I didn’t stop there.

I figure if you’re the type to learn how to seduce women, you may want to try sleeping with 2 chicks at the same time. That’s why I’m also adding world famous porn star Stirling Cooper’s How to Have A Threesome course.

Why There Will Be No Refunds

I know it’s not ideal but quite frankly I don’t care. You’re getting the cheat codes to seducing women in a way most men cannot even dream of. Even your favorite youtubers do not have this Game. Trust me.

And because I’ve put in a ton of hours into delivering a detailed, step-by-step system for you, and considering this is my life’s work as a student of the Game since middle school…

There will be no refunds.

Remember, most men will never reach this level of Game ever in their entire lives. I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s a skill set that will literally put you in the top 1% of men. 

That’s why I could easily charge several thousand for this.

The calls you get with me alone are at least worth a few thousand. I charge $500 an hour for consultations and these calls usually go for 2-4 hours. ($500hr x 4 calls x 2hrs = $4,000).

Then, you add in a world famous pornstar’s threesome course, and two other complimentary courses from Top tier coaches and you’re easily in the $5,000 range for all the life changes you’re about to make. 

But I won’t charge anywhere near that. 

Today, before I change my mind, the price is a laughable $697.

If you want better sex and treatment from women for the rest of your life, sign up now!

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Here’s Your Reverse Guarantee ;)

I guarantee if you do not pick up this carefully curated Game, you will continue to fumble with the women you’re interested in. You will get pull aways, poor treatment laced with hot-and-cold behavior.

You will continue to sleep with below average women and never get the sexual submissiveness you want because you simply never decided to learn.

Take yourself seriously and invest in a better life. You’ve come this far. It’d be crazy to trip just a few inches from the finish line.

If That Wasn’t Enough You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses

Look, I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

Which is why I’m adding in my top selling program - How To Make A Woman Fall In Love™.

If seducing is about creating romantic excitement and bedroom fun…

Then making a woman fall in love with you is getting her to care for you like you’re the only family she has that she can trust and confide in.

The two combined are pure fire. It gives you so much power in relationships, you MUST be careful with it. You are dealing with real people and their real emotions. Be responsible.

I also want to add my How To Vet Women Properly™ course as another bonus.

Just as the name suggests, you will be able to vet poor quality women from high quality women almost instantly so you don’t waste time and energy.

So here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting:

  • Seduction Mastery™ - VALUE: $2,997

  • 2 months of the Players Club - 4 calls to answer ALL questions - VALUE: $1,997

  • Sexual Seduction and Bedroom Escalation Webinar - VALUE: $499

  • The Art of Taking A Woman’s Soul Webinar - VALUE: $599

  • How To Have A Threesome with Stirling Cooper - VALUE: $697

  • How To Make A Woman Fall In Love™ - VALUE: $1,999

  • How To Vet Women Properly™ - VALUE: $497


 $697 today.

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Why You Need To Act Right Now

I know I am severely undercharging for this material. 

Learning how to completely control women who you love and adore is a skill most men would kill to have. 

Knowing myself, I am going to get irritated over time that I am giving this much value for so little. So I suspect to raise the prices, maybe even double it, once I get a round of case studies for this system.

This is very much the early-bird pricing of this material so I cannot guarantee you will get this offer for this price ever again.

What’s more, remember why you’re reading this page in the first place.

You want to learn how to seduce women in ANY situation - bars, clubs, gyms, at home, at work, at the grocery store - without being someone you’re not.

You do not want to spend a fortune to get the beautiful submissive version of her that she only gives to certain types.

You’ll be able to seduce her from the comfort of your own home without spending money like all the other guys. While everyone else has to “buy” her emotional excitement to keep things interesting. You will be able to do it with words alone.

That skill alone is worth months, years, even decades of expensive trips, dates and gifts.

Remember seducing her by filling up her voids is a fair trade for her.

You get to provide the emotional roller coaster she longs for…

And she gives you everything she can offer while being completely in your frame.

With this course, you will finally say goodbye to poor treatment, lackluster sex, hot-and-cold behavior and say hello to having a full line of hyper-sexual women who can’t wait to spend time with you in bed.

In many ways, this will put you in the top 1% of Game.

While I would love to force you to get this Game for yourself, I can only convince you so much.

If you want a better life with women where sex, dating and relationships just becomes easy…

Then you have the opportunity to get all of that right now.

But I can’t make you do this.

Ultimately you have to make the decision.

The choice is yours.

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